About Us

M/s. Kamal Kumar Tulsiyan today is one of the most trusted channel partners for textile wholesalers and retailers in Odisha. The roots of our business are based on goodwill and legacy which we have built over years of dedicated service to our proud customers.

The journey started when the great visionary Shri Badri Prasadji Tulsiyan started the business as a textile merchant. Few years later, due to an unfortunate accident, Shri Badri Prasadji Tulsiyan shifted to a passive role in the business and passed on his wisdom to his son Shri Bishan Dayal Tulsiyan. The pioneer spent his early years in the business building lifetime relationships with our customers and sourcing the best quality products for them. As the saying goes, “Find the right product for your customers and not the right customer for your product”, his values and ethics of business are admired by both our suppliers and customers. His transparency and honesty has made “BPT” synonymous with Trust in the textile industry. He is assisted by his younger brothers Mr. Jitendra Kumar Tulsiyan and Mr. Kamal Kumar Tulsiyan who handle operations and production respectively. Our hard work and perseverance has led us to serve over 350 proud customers today across Odisha.

Our store is situated in Angul, Odisha where we deal in various textile segments including cotton sarees, synthetic sarees, banarasi sarees, Kanjivaram Patto Saree, Dhoti, Lungi, Gamucha, Towels, Jode, Suiting and shirting.

About Sangita Saree

 Due to our years of experience in the business, Sangita Sarees is incomparable on the best designs, colours and quality. The name “Sangita Sarees” is a symbol of ownership for our prestigious customers, a brand that dawned with their blessings and a brand that they can call their own. We since then have worked our way to provide maximum value for our customers and women of Odisha who have put their trust in us. 

It started in 2015, when we were fed up with poor business practices of cotton saree manufacturers which exploited channel partners, we decided to launch our in-house cotton saree brand “Sangita Sarees”. Understanding the pain of channel partners like wholesalers and retailers, Sangita Sarees at its core value, embodies the ethics of the cotton saree business. 

Our Values





Our Vision

To be a benchmark in textile industry, recognised for our ethics in practice, integrity of the people we work with and service to our customers

Our Mission

● To provide maximum value to our customers and have lifetime association with them
● To provide better quality of life to people who work with us
● To strengthen the spirit of responsibility and accountability in our team
● To create an environment for personal growth and self belief

A Glimpse of Our Store